Friday, 28 September 2012

Late-breakers: This early, election fever heats up, by PERCY A OSTONAL

1) Sige na naman Pare!!! Governor "Egay" Tallado has no choice except to tap his former 2010 vice-governor candidate and three-term mayor William Lim as their Liberal Party standard bearer for mayor in Jose Panganiban, CamNorte. The only problem is, based on local political surveys, Lim’s chance of winning is not assured compared to that time when he occupied the town's executive office for nine years as "Alkalde ng bayan", plus another six years as vice-mayor of ex-mayor Roger Padilla (Mayor Ricarte "Dong" Padilla's brother). Gossips all over town indicated Lim’s "non -committal" to challenge Dong Padilla. Our reporter gathered from reliable sources that he is rather "more comfortable" running as vice-mayor against Vice-Mayor Ariel Non. As one old resident said: "Putol ang ulo ng liderato ni Gobernador Tallado dito sa Mambulao at segurado kapag wala siyang official lead person, sino sa palagay mo ang magdadala ng boto para sa kanyang re-election?" (Tallado’s leadership is clearly disabled in Mambulao without an official lead person to gather votes on his behalf … who do you think would help him get votes for his re-election bid?). Political pundits in our town predict a "battle royale" between Lim and Non for the second top command. "Wawalisin ni Mayor Dong ang opposition sa darating na election hindi sa pamamagitan ng mga salitang nakasasakit, kundi sa pagtulak ng mga kaukulang proyektong pambayan na nakakatulong ng pangmatagalan sa kabuhayan, kalakalan at kaunlaran ng bayan … sa malinis at tapat na pamamalakad sa sambayanang Jose Panganiban o Mambulao sa dalawang taong pamumuno," a  barrio Santa Rosa Norte resident said. Would Lim file his candidacy for the mayoral contest? “Abangan po nating ang susunod na kabanata", but for NOW, back-patting goes on: "Sige na naman pare!!!” 

2) Most probable" sangguniang-bayan candidates, Liberal Party (Opposition). It has been widely speculated that the individuals listed below have been seen as the leading candidates for the 2013 Sangguniang-bayan elections under the leadership of ex-mayor William Lim. They will be carrying the banner of President "Noynoy" Aquino III administration's Liberal Party. Meanwhile, Mayor Ricarte "Dong" Padilla’s local political party called "Lakan Padilla" would be backed-up by the coalitions of Vice-President Jejomar "jojo" Binay, Sr’s PDP-LABAN (Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan ) and that of former President Joseph "Erap" Estrada's PMP (Puwersang Masang Pilipino ). The coalition would now be known as UNA (United Nationalist Alliance)
A quick look at the candidates:

1) Artemio Andaya - Former JP Sangguniang-Bayan member, who ran for the CamNorte provincial board but lost
2) Edgar Arjete - Current Baranggay Sta Milagrosa chairman
3) Jason  Arriola - Current Baranggay Bagong-Bayan chairman, son of former and long time municipal councilor Jose "Joe" Arriola (deceased)

4) Casiano Dilao - Former baranggay chairman and vice-mayor

5) Pompe Gusman - Current JP Sangguniang-Bayan member and re-electionist

 6) Tres Panganiban
- University of the Philippines-Los Banos, Laguna, scholar, student leader, no  public service experience

7) Nestor Solis - Current Baranggay Salvacion chairman
8) Roger Ultra - Current  JP Sangguniang-Bayan member and re-electionist

Fernando Ybarola is believed to be on a "floating” political status and a re-electionist and partymate of Gusman and Ultra during the 2010 election for the Sangguniang-Bayan slot under the Padilla-Non team.
"The Magnificent Seven" line-up was said to be "on hold" by the party hierarchy led by Mayor Dong Padilla.

3) JP brownout to end soon.
Our local correspondent had a look of the site at Baranggay Santa Rosa Sur where CANORECO’s (Camarines Norte Electric Company) newest 5MVA transformer is scheduled for commission to resolve the persistent brownouts in Mambulao. Field workers and installation managers have projected its full operations this month. To our avid "kababayans” on Facebook, many thanks for your notes of wisdom.

4) Paranial Radar Station latest updates. From about 72 hectares of lands for clearing, it would be reduced to 50 hectares instead due to the following reasons, according to the latest update from our sources on the ground:
a) The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has to look into the "off limit zone" that borders the ancestral tribal lands of our hinterland brothers (Kabihug and Aeta-Abiyan), who have been there living and raising their families for centuries. Preservation of ancient culture would be the most our government can do for now.

b). Our reporter in JP was given a briefing too by a high-ranking official from PAF on the presence of endangered species such as wild boars, deer, monkeys and various species of snakes, reptiles and charismatic birds such as parrots and doves within that 25 hectares perimeter of land. Under RA 9147 or Wildlife Resources and Protection Act of 2001, this wildlife law enforcement and governance is in effect. Since this is considered protected areas, DENR has to make sure that government agencies must be the first to observe its promulgation.

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