Thursday, 13 September 2012

JPanganiban Western Union sub-agents admit “malpractice”



THE owner of the two pawnshops acting as sub-agents for Western Union in Jose Panganiban, CamNorte, has acknowledged making an unauthorized service charge on the remittance received by one of its clients last December.

This was revealed to MWBuzz by the Western Union – South and East Asia Operations, based in Metro Manila.

“The owner of the pawnshops accepted the fault of their Front Line Associate (store staff) and expressed willingness to compensate the receiver. 

“We warned them already and I believe they are  more careful now since they know now we have a means of knowing if there are any malpractices happening in the outlets,” a top Western Union executive told MWBuzz in an email a few days ago.  

“Following due process, sanctions for repeat issues of similar nature can include suspension up to termination,” he said.

He said that the complaint against the two pawnshops was the very first case brought to their attention.

“As part of due process, we have already warned them (LSP and LSG) through the direct agent which has the direct relationship with them.

“We informed them that subsequent infraction will merit stricter sanctions,” the WU executive said.

Susan Galleta, owner-operator of the LSG Pawnshop and LSP Pawnshop, has expressed willingness to reimburse Evangeline B Demasayao, the amount of P892.37 which was deducted from the P21,186.37 (or 500 Canadian dollar) that her husband Roberto sent her on December 24, 2011 from Canada.

Demasayao, who claimed the money the next day at LSP Pawnshop, was given only P20,294, an amount which was handwritten on the front face of the receipt.

Demasayao complained that the remittance receipt did explain why the amount of P892.37 was being deducted from her remittance.

“LSP/LSP pawnshops are just sub agents who were signed up by a direct agent who has direct contract with us,” Western Union said.

Meanwhile, the remittance company has urged its clients in Jose Panganiban to report any malpractice that is being committed by its five sub-agents in town.

“We will be monitoring complaints directed toward LSP-LSG,” Western Union said.

MWBuzz learned of Demasayao’s complaint two months ago and offered to bring the matter to Western Union.

She said she brought her complaint to the concerned offices at the Jose Panganiban municipal government sometime last December for action against the two pawnshops.

However, Demasayao said she did not get any response.

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