Saturday, 15 September 2012

Refreshing sight … like any other places around the country, Mambulao treasures wonderful spectacles such as the one in the picture, taken last year. With a “sibiran” boat in colorful blue against bluish water reflecting equally blue skies, our bay – the Mambulao Bay – is one natural resource that deserves awe from everybody. Overseas Mambulaoans who have not been to town for years owing to the necessity of eking out a living or maybe they have been uprooted from their native community for good, as in the case of the many who are now citizens of America or Europe, would always feel the longings of coming home one day to see for themselves the beauty that our town prides itself with endlessly. So, there’s really a need for every Mambulaoan to advocate the protection of our bay against pollution from the nearby mining gold operations. After all, when things have been said and done, it is us, the local people, who would feel the greatest loss if our bay goes to the dogs. – Photo by ERIC ESPANA/text by A P HERNANDEZ

Life goes on … unmindful of the great risk, passengers both young and old as shown in this picture seem to enjoy what could be a potholed bumpy ride through the rural roads across our municipality. The lack of transport to ferry humans and cargoes from the farms to the town market – and back – could be the main reason why this jeepney would face the risk of ending itself up into the ditch. One reason fewer transport operators would field their units to the rural areas is that the roads are still bad, something that keeps their operating cost too high to sustain a viable business. But there’s this hope that one day, travel would be fast and comfortable and this is fast becoming a reality with the road-cementing project that the municipal government of Jose Panganiban is now pushing hard. Mambulaoans – whether they are right in town, elsewhere in the Philippines, or overseas – must help speed up the project. Just send your donations in the form of bags of cement, and Mayor Dong Padilla would take of the rest. – Facebook picture/text by A P HERNANDEZ

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