Thursday, 27 September 2012

SURVIVOR: Philippines premieres rosy previews

The cast of Survivor: Philippines, a highly-rated reality show shot on Caramoan Island in CamSur.

PILI, CamSur: The premiere broadcast of Survivor USA (Survivor: Philippines) Season 25 over GMA News TV 2pm recently has triggered an avalanche of rosy reviews and comments from foreigners and Filipinos worldwide.

The maiden airing has in fact catapulted the popular American CBS competitive reality television series to the Number One spot among all trending topics on Twitter and received thousands of hits at Survivor Philippines’ Facebook and website.

A goodly number of comments from admiration-filled foreigners and proud Filipinos here and abroad alike snag the highest praises of the show and hailed in common the fantastic beauty of the natural attraction of Caramoan, a peninsula of Camarines Sur that has invariably been the unanimous choice as setting for the location shoot not only of Survivor USA Seasons 25 and 26 (also referred to as Survivor Philippines) but also of other production by eight other country-franchisees.

Proudest among the crop of reaction senders, of course, is Gov LRay Villafuerte who extended profoundest thanks to all who contributed to transforming CamSur into the top tourism destination of the world that the province is now.
Many foreigners and expatriate Filipinos are now making plans to come and see Caramoan for themselves after watching Survivor on the tube.

The first Survivor produced in CamSur finalized through the efforts of Villafuerte was in 2008, Koh Lanta: Caramoan of the French Survivor franchise shot entirely in Matukad Island, just off-shore of Gota Village Resort that was then just recently developed by Villafuerte as one of the major centerpieces of CamSur’s tourism thrust.

After France came the Survivor franchisees Israel, Bulgaria, Serbia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, India, and lastly the original Survivor USA that shot Seasons 25 and 26 here from March to August.  Several countries have shot second and even third seasons in the area.

Survivor is the most popular and highest-rated competition-reality show in America if not the entire world.  

The show was launched by CBS in May 31, 2000, originally created by Charlie Parsons, produced by Mark Burnett, hosted by emcee-cum-executive producer Jeff Probst, also executive produced by Mark Parsons.

Survivor snowballed right after launching and has been going strong in the charts since then, spreading throughout the world through franchises in a string of countries.

The show is modeled after the Swedish television series Expedition Robinson originally created by Charlie Parsons based on the story of the 16th century classic novel of Daniel Defoe about the survival saga of a shipwrecked seafarer marooned in a desolate island.

Survivor USA (SURVIVOR: Philippines) Season 25’s format includes 15 new contestants and three returning players divided in three “tribes” – Tandang, Kalabaw and Matsing – each in a motif of the Philippine colors, red, blue and yellow, who pit their skills, talents and cooperation in a challenge for survival by providing food, water, fire, and shelter for themselves in an uninhabited island.

At each phase of the tribe competition involving contests for rewards and immunity from expulsions, losing tribes meet to vote out one of their members until about halfway of the contest when remaining contestants are consolidated into a single group competing individually. 

Ultimately the only one will be voted upon by a jury for the title of Sole Survivor and a cash prize of one million dollars.

Since launching, Survivor has evolved into an undisputed position of leadership in American reality TV, consistently among the highest-rated, most profitable and most watched reality show in American television.

Survivor has also been a nominee and has won the Emmy Award several times, including Outstanding Sound Mixing in 2001, Outstanding Special Class Program in 2002 and a fourth-time nominee for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program when the category was introduced in 2003. 

Host-Executive Producer Jeff Probst has won the Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Show Award four consecutive times.  - GBClaveria/MMEC/Bicol Mail

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