Thursday, 27 September 2012

Prominent Legazpi businessman with Parkinson’s disease shoots wife



LEGAZPI CITY: A prominent businessman here known to be afflicted with Parkinson’s disease shot his wife infront of their children Saturday morning.

A police report, however, said the victim, Janette Orozco Chan, 40, survived the lone bullet wound that hit her in the left chest from a .40 caliber pistol shot at close range by her husband, Danny Chan, 50, president of Jaeda Construction.

Legazpi City police chief  Senior Supt. Oscar Regala said suspect Chan immediately surrendered to the police after the incident. 

He was detained but was released after the reglamentary period of  36 hours pending the filing of formal charges against him.

His wife, the victim, was rushed to the nearby Albay Doctors Hospital where she was pronounced out of danger as of Sunday morning.

Many of those who learned of the incident wondered how a man with Parkinson’s disease could own a gun. 

Chan whose brother Cerilo is a city councilor is known here as a big-time contractor handling big government contracts in this city.

An investigator said the wife could have been an easy target if her husband was not suffering from the disease. 

A Parkinson’s disease is an incurable nervous disorder marked by symptoms of trembling hands, lifeless face, monotone voice, and a slow shuffling walk. 

It is generally caused by the degeneration of a dopamine hormone producing brain cells.

The report said the suspect gathered their children while waiting for his wife to arrive home that night.

As the victim arrived, the suspect aimed his gun and took a shot.

It was learned that the family of the victim would push through with the filing of case for frustrated murder. – Bicol Mail

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