Saturday, 1 September 2012

Sweet spring water … bottled water has become popular everywhere and it sells under different brands and types. This thirst quencher is available as mineral water, spring water and purified water at varying prices depending on its brand. But just the same, whatever brand it is, it serves the same purpose - to quench our thirst. These two boys in picture are lucky they don’t have to spend a centavo just to enjoy clean and refreshing spring water that freely wells at the backyard of the Jose Panganiban Elementary School. In fact, it is one of the rare natural springs (bukal) that could be found on hillsides on the outskirts of the poblacion. The JPES management should see to it that this natural source of drinking water is protected from contamination. After all, this is one of Mother Nature’s blessings that we enjoy as we live in a community still unspoiled by man-made pollution.
Unspoiled creek … it is very rare to see a rubbish-free creek nowadays, as shown by this tributary, which is linked to the Patiao river at Baranggay Calogcog, in Jose Panganiban. In many creeks seen by MWBuzz, whether they are in Mambulao or elsewhere, their streaming water is either muddled by black, stinking silt or choked with community wastes. The households along this creek deserve some praise for having the better sense not to dump their rubbish into it, thus showing the level of their discipline. Notice the rocks and stones that piled up along the edge of the water. A source said they (stones and rocks) had been washed down from the nearby mountain slopes famous for its gold during recent heavy rains. These rocks are what gold panners in Mambulao have been looking for, as they might contain nuggets of the precious yellow metal. – Photos by ERIC ESPANA/text by A P HERNANDEZ

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