Thursday, 23 February 2012

At last, a high school diploma after 46 years

PETE TUNGOL (in graduation gown) receives his high school diploma from the current principal of his Alma Mater Perfecto High School, in Tondo, Manila – 46 years overdue, while his buddies and former schoolmates applaud. – MWBuzz by PERCY A OSTONAL

Michigan, USA

IT WAS an amazingly emotional moment for Pete Tungol receiving his high school diploma from the current principal of Gregorio Perfecto High School in Tondo, Manila on February 4, 2012.
So uniquely different though, it took 46 years to have a commencement march and certificate of graduation conferred upon him.
Yes, after 46 years.
As to why such terrible scenario happened, Pete explained that being so hard up in life then, the family relied mainly on his father's income as "kutsero" and as it was, even their basic needs were barely met.
Pete knew too well that it was his graduation day and his classmates and friends were there to celebrate the Big Day: Their Graduation Day.
"I decided skipping that special time because I had nothing to wear and we can't afford one,” Pete said. 
Over the years with Pete’s strong work ethics, perseverance and determination, he earned his Law degree from Manila Law College.
Being a handyman by trade, his legal career was put aside when he and his wife Dolores migrated to the United States and later ventured into real estate business.
Mr & Mrs Pete Tungol hosted the GPHS Batch '66 "mini-reunion" at their residence in Sacramento, California, to map out their recently held first-ever gathering in Manila on Feb  5, 2012.
From your "surrogate" batchmates Ernie, Picoy, Jun and myself and your fellow alumni across the US, Canada, the Philippines, South East Asia and elsewhere, our sincerest congratulations!!!
(NOTE:  Percy is the husband of Tess Avena-Ostonal, GPHS Batch '66)

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