Friday, 24 February 2012

Mayor renews appeal for “bag of cement” donations

       A portion of the Parang-Larap road at the Malapayungan-Calero area. – MWBuzz by 


JOSE Panganiban town Mayor Ricarte Padilla has renewed his call for donations towards the town government’s road cementing project, which is now trying to complete the problematic Parang-Larap road.

Ricarte made the call in a recent interview with MWBuzz at his Motherlode residence.

He said: Inaanyayahan ko ang sambayanang Mambolenos sa isang  bayanihang pakikiisa at pagtangkilik ng "a bag of cement for a cause" community  project and complete the Jose Panganiban-Larap road the earliest possible time.

“Napakalaking bagay ang maibibigay nito sa ating mga kababayan na nasa "outlaying barrios for their farm-to-market-produce and directly improve their means of livelihood in general”. 

Padilla said that “easy and accessible roads allow the public to increase their economic activities”.
As of last month, the cementing of the Parang-Larap project has already reached that portion of the road across the property of the late Don Ramon Adea.

The road works have been temporarily stopped due to bad weather and would resume once hot season sets in around next month.

Under the project “a bag of cement for a cause”, Padilla has appealed to the alumni of the Jose Panganiban National High school to donate road building materials such as cement and sand.
Kagawan Carlos Tabuada said earlier that they are seeking support from alumni who are working overseas.

It is expected that Padilla would make another pitch for this project to his fellow alumni, particularly to Batch ’81 to which he belongs, at the forthcoming general homecoming set on April 28-29 at the high school campus in Baranggay Parang.

So far, the municipal government’s cementing project has paved many baranggay roads within the poblacion. 

Outlaying baraggays would soon have their dirt road paved, Padilla said.

The mayor aims to complete the project before his term ends by June of next year.

The deplorable condition of the Larap road has continuously dismayed and frustrated many people from Baranggay Larap due to the difficulty of travel.

It has become a favorite “hate topic” among Larap residents and their relatives overseas on Facebook.

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  1. This saddens me... How can Mambulao simply let this happen? Why are these foreign manufacturers still are allowed to produce even an ounce of their poison in our homeland is beyond me...Prime Chem had poisoned our waters, our air, and all that is of our being, and now Pan Century keeps the boat rolling as if damage from the past predecessors' rape and environmental murder had not been enough! Is it really worth it? I am too tired to go on which I will make sure I will if these outright disrespect in the name of profits go on. I do not understand this... Mambulao must be saved from these idiots!Malaysian/Indian government too should give some answers for why they are allowing this people taking advantage of our poverty, and ignorance. We are not their toilet. They want to shit, then shit in their own backyard! :-(