Thursday, 23 February 2012

It’s fun to have a Senior Citizen’s card

Senior Citizen Percy A Ostonal … It’s fun to carry a Senior Citizen’s card. - Photo courtesy of the writer



FLYING back home seems an endless journey of excitements, especially when at that moment, you’re clutching your boarding pass.

Even before reaching Manila, thoughts about shopping, dining and travel around the country, or just going back straight to your old town and birthplace makes long hours of flying "bale-wala".

Of course, nothing could ever substitute the cultural orientations of "Ginoo at Ginang Juan Dela Cruz" when it comes to expenses.

With some disposable money on hand, it's time choosing the best alternative to "stretching" your dollar .

Have you ever thought that being a Senior Citizen in the Philippines now is a great thing?

Well, the moment we arrived in our hometown Jose Panganiban aka Mambulao, I requested assistance from my brother-in-law on how to secure a Senior Citizen Card.

Knowing that we had only few hours of stay, (visiting our Mother and two siblings), my brother-in-law- went straight to the office of Senior Citizen Affairs and requested two sets of application forms.

Upon completion, we attached our respective 1" x 1" pictures and paid individual residence tax at the Treasurer's office. 
  The Senior Citizen Purchase Slip 
  Booklet … it pays to carry it when shopping. 
– Photo courtesy of the writer

Except for minor clerical corrections, our cards were processed quickly on the same day and there was no doubt that my wife's elation was simply overflowing.
We had dinner at Max Chicken the night we arrived in Manila and soon after we were done, the waiter presented to us the bill.

"Maam, ito po ang total amount" the waiter said.

"Naku, sorry ha? May senior cards nga pala kami." my wife said.

"Thank you po Ma’am, we will deduct na lang po namin itong 20% sa total bill na sinabi ko sa inyo kanina,” the waiter replied.

We looked at each other and were very pleased.

"Okey ito … it’s fun in the Philippines talaga".
Yes, senior citizens have a lot of reasons to celebrate and be happy.

 Under Republic Act No 9257, they are entitled to certain benefits and privileges such as a 20 per cent discount on certain purchases.

Check your “yellow and green” Senior Citizens purchase slip booklets, where covered discounted items are listed.

We are grateful to the following individuals and municipal personnel of our town -- Jose

Panganiban -- whose excellent service is at its best.

Thanks for all your help:

Mr Reynaldo Rodelas
Office of the Senior Citizens Administration

Engr Ruben Espana
Federation President
Federation of Senior Citizens Association of the philippines, Jose panganiban,Camarines Norte Chapter

Mrs Amy Villaflores-Tulod
Clerical Staff


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