Monday, 6 February 2012

Photo essay ... Sweet spring water

     Icy cool … kids enjoy a morning bath by the brook (sapa) under a canopy of 
        low-lying trees at Baranggay Osmena on the outskirts of Mambulao, just below  
        the Gawad Kalinga Village, last month. A common scene from long ago, it has 
        become very rare nowadays with the intrusion of modernity. In fact, it could be 
        one of the few natural streams of water very close to the poblacion of 
        Mambulao. This stream, which originates from a natural spring not a distant 
        away uphill is used for drinking, washing clothes and bathing. Notice a black 
        rubberized water pipe along the stream, which begins from a makeshift 
        reservoir upstream and snakes down to a public water tap used by some 
        households nearby. Japan-based balikbayan Arnel P Hernandez was on his way 
        to visit the GK Village when he chanced on the kids and snapped them. – Text 

       Water of life … this “balon” boasts of spring water, a basic necessity of life 
       which has its counterparts in factory-churned bottled water. Households nearby, 
       which source their drinking water from this spring, are keeping their fingers 
       crossed that their sweet spring water would not be affected by cyanide-tainted 
       mine tailings from a nearby gold processing plant operated by Johson Gold 
       Mining Corp (JGMC). - Text by AP HERNANDEZ, MWBuzzpic by ARNEL P 

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