Friday, 24 February 2012

     Blue and beautiful … The mouth of the Mambulao Bay as viewed from 
        Baranggay Osmena on the outskirts of Mambulao from where the Calambayungan 
        Island is seen. This expanse of the deeper portion of the bay is being threatened  
        by silt and mining waste pollution. Already, the shallower part of the bay close to 
        the  shoreline has been silted up, causing the water to turn brownish. The beach 
        itself is laced with red mud originating from gold mining quarries and on-going 
        gold operations outside the poblacion. One recent Balikbayan visitor had noticed  
        that  standing on the Osmena side of the bay and looking straight to the other side  
        where Bunog Island aka baranggay Pag-asa is located, he noticed that the bay 
        water on the right of the imaginary line was blueish. However, that portion on the  
        left  of the line stretching towards the shore was brownish despite the clear blue 
        skies. – Text by AP HERNANDEZ/MWBuzzpic by ARNEL P HERNANDEZ

    Struggling for survival  … Small fishing boats parked along the 
      shore  at Baranggay Osmena. With their catch dwindling at a faster rate, Mambulao 
      fishermen are finding it difficult to meet the daily needs of their families because 
      their fishing grounds at Mambulao Bay no longer host the bountiful fish that used 
      to thrive there decades ago. Their livelihood is also threatened by commercial 
      fishing operators that venture into the exclusive municipal fishing zone despite the 
      presence of Bantay-Dagat, the sea-patrol of the municipal government.  – Text by 

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