Friday, 24 February 2012

Larap school appeals for help

      School stage ground cementing project … picture shows the 
      Larap Elementary School (LES) multi-purpose stage ground, which of late, has been 
      under water due to continuous rainfall. The school would like to end this endless weather-
      triggered problem for good by paving a wide patch of area in front of the stage, which 
      could also serve as basketball or volleyball court, or even better a morning/afternoon 
      calisthenics exercise ground for the young learners. School principal Rolly Torero has 
      posted on the Facebook account of the “Taga-Larap Ako” (TLA) an appeal for donation – 
      cash and materials – towards the cementing of the ground, address to all Larapenos who 
      are working overseas and elsewhere. If you think you can help with the project, please 
      send your donations to the “GPTA - Larap Elementary School” bank account with Banco 
      de Oro, Daet branch, Account No. 5160145088 in the name of any of the following: Gary S 
      Prima, president; Rosario B Aldea, treasurer or Lea M Bas, auditor. – Text by AP  
      HERNANDEZ /Picture courtesy of ROLLY TORERO

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