Friday, 24 February 2012

DOH: Pneumonia still top killer disease in Bicol

       A community hospital in Jose Panganiban, which is also an outlet for PhilHealth 
       services. - MWBuzzpic by ARNEL P HERNANDEZ

LEGAZPI CITY: Pneumonia, heart disease, stroke and tuberculosis are the top four killer diseases in Bicol, an official of the Department of Health (DOH) in the region disclosed recently.

Based on 2010 DOH study on the leading causes of death in the region, it was revealed that a total of 2,971 people in Bicol died of pneumonia. 

This was followed closely by hypertensive heart diseases with 2,882 deaths; Ischemic heart diseases - 1,682; stroke - 1,680, tuberculosis - 1,544; neoplasms/tumors with 1,457; accidents -1,427; trauma/injuries -1,221; diabetes -804; and, kidney diseases with 803 deaths.

Dr Ferchito Avelino, DOH assistant regional director, said the study showed that pneumonia diseases had been the No. 1 killer in Bicol for the past five years.

Avelino said an average of 3,708 yearly deaths due to pneumonia was recorded since 2005.

Asked if the DOH regularly conducts the study, Avelino answered in the affirmative, explaining though data for 2011 are still being consolidated based on reports by the various provincial health offices in Bicol.

Pneumonia refers to an infection (viral or bacterial) within the lungs which can affect anybody but is more hazardous to older adults, babies and patients with chronic illnesses.

Heart diseases, on the other hand, are risk factors that affect the heart due to high blood pressure, obesity, smoking, and psychological stress. 

Heart diseases come in many types, these are: Coronary heart disease, cardiomyopathy or heart muscle disease, cardiovascular, ischaemic heart, inflammatory heart and valvular heart disease.  - Bicol Mail

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