Tuesday, 7 February 2012

      The bay and the pollutant … These are the siltation ponds being 
        operated by Johson Gold Mining Corp (JGMC), a medium-sized gold processor at 
        Baranggay North Bagumbayan on the outskirts of Mambulao. They are used to 
        contain slurry produced from gold processing so that no waste water finds its 
        way into the nearby creeks and other tributaries, according to JGMC. Actually, the 
        miner operates four tailings ponds around the mine camp to handle 
        cyanide-laden waste water and silt. The island of Calambayungan in Larap is seen 
        on the upper left corner of the picture as well as a portion of the mine 
        silt-polluted Mambulao Bay, which is just about 1km from the mining camp. – Text 
        by AP HERNANDEZ/ photo supplied by JGMC.

      Subsistence fishing boats … A typical scene at the bay waters in 
        Barangay Osmena on the outskirts of Mambulao poblacion showing fishing boats 
        operated by subsistence fishermen. With dwindling catch from Mambulao Bay, 
        which is right now suffering from mud and silt pollution caused by gold mining 
        operations in various areas around the municipality, they have to sail far out into 
        the Philippine Sea and to fishing grounds outside of Mambulao’s own fishing 
        territory to catch enough fish to pay for their fuel and bring food on the table. 
        The island of Bunog (Pag-Asa) is seen on the other side of the bay. – Text by AP   

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