Monday, 6 February 2012

Reuyan: Grand party at LaPIMa reunion on April 21

        LaPIMa core planning group … (from left) Emelinda Lasala Mendoza
        Cynthia Ombao, Elsa Floresca, Jo Tatom, Alex Reuyan, Samuel Tatom Hilda 
        Sapinoso Siringan and Guito Belza. The group gathered to plan LaPIMa’s 
        Christmas party last year. – Photo courtesy of ALEX REUYAN’s Facebook album

THE MEMBERS of LaPIMa (Larap PIM Association) can look forward to a grand party at a reunion slated on April 21, 2012.

This was the message of LaPIMa president Alex Reuyan in a letter circulated among the group’s members both in the Philippines and overseas.

Recalling LaPIMa’s recent Christmas party held in Quezon City, Reuyan promised more fun in the coming grand reunion, whose dinner venue will be at Tejeros Hall, at Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City.

He said: We’ll have more fun and an exciting time together in our April Grand Reunion just like the good old PIM days …”

     Alex Reuyan ... grand time at LaPIMa reunion
Reuyan said the coming party will be dubbed “Grand Reunion 2012 -   PIM ... happy days forever!”

The group’s last grand reunion was held four years ago and the coming grand reunion in Larap would usher in the general alumni homecoming on April 28-29 of the graduates from Jose Panganiban National High School (JPNHS).

Reuyan said the attendees would be taken to a “nostalgic trip to PIM Lara, Bunog, Jose Panganiban … back to those happy days from PIM beginnings, through the enjoyable years, up to the present … via a memory-filled video of PIM story”.

This would be carried out through an audio visual presentation (AVP) that will soon be put together by LaPIMa’s audio visual team.

Reuyan urged the members to actively participate in the reunion’s preparations.

“All these we can make possible with your deeper involvement … you can be part of our historic PIM story video.”

Reuyan said that the 15-minute PIM audio-visual presentation on the big screen will cover the members’ family pictures, which would be for posterity and “will be our legacy to our children, and to our children’s children.

“Through this PIM-story AVP, we can hand down the unforgettable experience of friendship, camaraderie and community spirit to the next generations,” he said, stressing that “community spirit is a crucial factor in community and nation building”.

The AVP will be the highlight of the grand reunion.

As part of LaPIMa’s fundraising effort, members who wish to have their family pictures included in the AVP will have to sponsor the cost of preparing the AVP.

The PIM AVP (audio-video presentation ) sponsorship details are as follows:

Two  slides with name of sponsor (individual or group/family) and a picture on each slide (four copies of the PIM AVP DVDs will be given to sponsor)   -- minimum  P10,000

One  slide with name of sponsor and two pictures (two copies of PIM AVP DVDs)        -- P7,000                                                                       

One  slide with name of sponsor and 1 picture (two copies of PIM AVP DVDs) – P5,000

Three different sponsors per slide with name of sponsor (one PIM AVP DVD per sponsor) each of three sponsors – P3,000

Six  different sponsors per slide with name of sponsor (one PIM AVP DVD per sponsors) each of six sponsors – P1,000

Would-be sponsors should deposit their payments to LaPIMa bank account with the Bank of The Philippine Islands …. BPI  No,  0411-0191-79

They must also email the amount of deposit, the date, the name to be acknowledge and the pictures to appear in the AVP, to either of the following: LaPIMa treasurer Samson Jimenez -  or LaPIMa secretary Samuel Tatom -

         LaPIMa members pose for posterity picture during their pre-reunion Christmas party held at the   
         Camelot Hotel last year. – Photo supplied by LaPIMa

         LaPIMans enjoy a parlor game. – Photo shows Bebot Dagala reacts after his name is called by the  
         program emcee. -- Photo supplied by LaPIMa

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