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Memo from the LaPIMa Secretary

November 21, 2011

SUBJECT: TESDA Technical & Vocational Training

Let us help the Mambulaoan youths acquire trade skills through TESDA

THE purpose of this article is to provide information to our Kababayans  and other Good Samaritans on how to assist / help our poor and deserving Mambulaoan youths acquire trade skills through job-focused vocational training programs offered by TESDA . The aim is to enhance their chance of getting good-paying jobs.

Their training will come through a scholarship program that LaPIMa has already initiated.

Likewise, the LaPIMa scholarship scheme is being offered as the template for future educational scholarship for Mambulaoans.

TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority ) under the Office of the President aims to encourage the full participation of, and to mobilize, the industry, labor, Local Government Units and technical-vocational institution in developing the skills of the country’s human resources.

Basic information for interested Mambulaoan applicants are as follows:

A.    TESDA Skills Training Program:
Location of TESDA Training Center:  Iberica, Labo, Camarines Norte
Tel. (054) 585-2606

1.     Courses Offered @ Iberica , Labo                             No. of months
a.     Automotive Servicing                                                          3
b.     Electrical Installation and Maintenance                                 3
c.      Consumer Electronics Servicing                                        3.5
d.     Shielded Metal Arc Welding  ( SMAW #1 )                          2.5
e.     Driving                                                                              0.75
f.       Refrigeration and Air-conditioning  Servicing                      2
g.     Carpentry                                                                         1
h.     Construction Painting                                                        1
i.        Masonry                                                                         1.5
j.       Reinforced Steel Bar Installation                                        1
k.     Tile Setting                                                                        0.5

2.     Applicant’s  Qualifications / Requirements ;
a.     At least High School graduate 
b.     Must be with Good Moral character
c.      Passed  Applicant’s  interview
d.     Preferably 18 years old and above
e.     What to bring to  TESDA Admin Office , Labo
1.     Report Card or Transcript of Records
2.     Medical certificate
3.     Police Clearance
4.     Birth Certificate
5.     2 pcs  1” x  1” pictures

3.     Cost Budget  Per  TESDA Scholar 
The budget to cover the total scholarship expenses that include registration, transport cost  (P- Labo-JP  trip /week), boarding house at Iberica , Labo  and food (3 meals a day), averages about  P12,000  per scholar per course .

4.     Sponsors You Can Request To Provide Scholarship:
a.     Governor / Congressman of Camarines Norte, Mayor of J. Panganiban .
b.     Private Individuals
c.      LaPIMa  Inc.  (Larap Philippine Iron Mines Association ,inc.)

Notes : 
1, Presently, LaPIMa has four (4) Larap TESDA scholars to graduate  December, 2011. LaPIMa has budgeted P46,000 for the  4 scholars .

2. Depending on donations / funds received for the year 2012, LaPIMa’s  objectives on TESDA Scholarship will be as follows per  proposed program :

Proposed  LaPIMa’s  Annual TESDA Vocational Scholars ( 16 Scholars / Year )
1.     Pag-Asa  Scholars                     4          ( July – Sept , 2012)
2.     Parang  Scholars                       4          ( Sept.-Dec , 2012)
3.     J. Panganiban Scholars             4          ( Jan.-March , 2013)
4.     Larap  Scholars                         4          ( April – June , 2013)

Estimated  budget needed  for year 2012-13 scholarship program
Is P192,000.

5. Work Demands:
As we all know, war-torn Libya will soon need thousands of skilled workers  like  welders, electricians, masons, air-con technicians, steel  fabricators and multi-craft men to rebuild  their refineries and damaged oil/gas pipelines, government buildings , etc. Also other foreign  countries  that continuously  industrialize to answer  domestic and international demands  like  China, Middle East, Papua New Guinea  will always  require Filipino skilled workers .

These are the bright prospects, another horizon for a better source of income to help a Mambulaoan achieve a better life if given the chance to capture and win the initial opportunity  --  TESDA Scholarship.

Let us help them.
   Batch ' 66

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