Monday, 6 February 2012

'Koala Girl' … This picture of a girl midway up a midget papaya tree, which could be of the “solo papaya” variety, is drawing wide interest among Facebook users. One FB user, Merit Salud, who posted this picture on his account, said it was just a repost from his friend’s account. Mr Salud thought that this papaya plantation could be somewhere in Cebu, Philippines. As of yesterday, at least 34 comments from FB users came in, expressing their amazement. One speculation is that somebody has planted the little girl on the papaya trunk, right under a cluster of green, mature papaya fruits. The way she hugs the trunk is reminiscent of a sleepy Australian koala hugging a tree trunk. But another draw are the papaya trees themselves, what with those round, healthy looking green fruits! – Picture grab from Facebook

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