Monday, 6 February 2012

Miner: Safety measure to deal with mine tailings

     This is JGMC’s sixth and the latest tailings pond being developed next to the mine 
     camp with an area of 1.5ha and with a capacity to handle more than 100 metric tons 
     of tailings. – Photo supplied by JGMC

MINER Johson Gold Mining Corp (JGMC) has taken safety measures to contain its mine tailings.

This assurance was made by company vice-president Jason A Marcelo to allay fears of the public on the alleged harm that its wastes could do to the mining camp’s surroundings, particularly the nearby tributaries that flow down to the Mambulao Bay.

“With regard to the mines tailings, JGMC has continuously maintained tailing ponds in its milling operations,” Marcelo said in an email sent to MWBuzz.

In the same email, he accused MWBuzz of reporting erroneously on the state of its mine tailing disposal facilities, stressing that the company has complied with the government requirements accordingly.

Marcelo said the company has complied and secured a “waste water discharge permit” with Permit No WDP-11E-05CN-003.

He said before this permit could be granted, an applicant should have a “complied tails pond with design and engineered by geo-tech engineers”.

Marcelo said his company has obtained said permit.

The mining executive also said JGMC recently built its sixth tailings pond with a total area of 1.5ha to contain more than 100 metric tons of wastes.

Marcelo said: “There are other safety measures taken by the company such as the construction of siltation and detoxification ponds to ensure that any mine spillages as well as silt material do not flow into the streams and any tributaries in the area.”

He said that at present, two of its tailings ponds out of the six in existence have been “decommissioned” and would be converted into some agricultural projects.

The six ponds have a total area of 3.5ha.

-AP Hernandez

      A tailings pond currently being used to contain JGMC’s waste discharges. A 
      portion   of Mambulao Bay about 1km away is seen in the background. – Photo 
      supplied by JGMC

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