Monday, 26 November 2012

FEATURE: Former Ambassador Parker Borg: 10 lessons Learned From a Career in the US Foreign Service

ON THE occasion of one of AGSIRD's traditional Wine and Cheese evenings where faculty, students, alumni and guests gather to discuss topics of international affairs in an informal atmosphere, former Ambassador Parker Borg (pictured) shared his experience as a diplomat in the US Foreign Service and the lessons he learned from it:

• One can make a difference even in the largest and most impersonal bureaucracy.

• It is unnecessary to sell one's soul to have a productive and successful career.

• Changing jobs regularly keeps one's spirit younger and one's mind more alert.

• When possible, go for the risk of the unknown over the known.

• Advancement comes more quickly at headquarters than in the field.

• While the expertise is important, success comes faster from knowing procedures and getting along with people.

• Never forget there are three important audiences: your bosses, your colleagues/subordinates, and your clients.
• Defining in advance what will be a good job is impossible.
• The best jobs are not the ones at the top.

• Every place you work can become a fantastic experience if you are open to the possibilities.

• Bonus point: if you have a family sharing an overseas adventure, find the time to ensure they profit from the experience.

      - Courtesy of American Graduate School in Paris website

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