Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Stop graffiti vandalism. The negative consequences of graffiti vandalism to the recently refurbished JP boardwalk lead to crimes and do not promote anything "artful". Our local correspondent spoke with local police on duty along the "breakwater/park area" yesterday (November 7, 2012) and was told that two high school students from baranggays Parang and Motherlode were caught while doing their thing. Their parents were summoned to the police station, given some tips on effective parenting for their two kids and were told to buy a can or two of paint. Under the watchful eyes of their parents, the culprits were told to paint over their nuisance art. “It’s s a lesson to learn … lahat ng mga sumulat at nagpintura ng kung anu-ano sa paligid ng boardwalk ay bibigyan ng unang babala at magaang na parusa … hinahanap pa namin ang karamihang gumawa nito … sa susunod, sasampahan na namin ng "vandalism" case at payment of fines. Our reporter was told as well that a caretaker has been permanently assigned at the boardwalk to oversee and maintain proper use of the place as well as prevent any type of vandalism on the public facility.

Convention of "Green Ladies" in Larap. Mayor Dong Padilla, Vice-Mayor Ariel Non, Sangunniang- bayan members Romeo Arena, Sarah Marie Aviado and Fernando Ybarola were the guests at Larap's "Green Ladies" convention last November 8, 2012. With some 200 attendees comprising purok chairpersons and members, the town officials tackled topics that directly affect the residents of the community. As resource speakers, Mayor Dong and his group provided the much-needed information and updates. We were told by our JP reporter that Green Ladies group or organization is not in any way connected or affiliated with any current political parties this coming May 2013 local election."Public service thru volunteerism" is the key message kung bakit po kami nagkabigkis-bigkis para sa kabutihan ng bawa't purok dito sa Larap", one attendee said. The JP-LGU officials had lively and animated conversations with everyone present. Our correspondent said Mayor Padilla passionately thanked the participants for continued support to his two years stewardship of Mambulao.

Municipal resolution for LWUA. Our source has reported that JP Sangguniang-bayan council recently passed a resolution securing a loan from any of these banks (Land  Bank of the Philippines, Development Bank of the Philippines – both are prominently mentioned) to assist the town's LWUA currently headed by Mrs Priscilla G Mariano. It is expected that the rehabilitation, repairs and maintenance of water works and the provision of essential materials will not take place soon due to the coming local elections as well as the paper works involved, systems and procedures required to clear the funds release. The loan sought is for P5 million. Our local reporter is still in the process of extracting full details of the transaction and will provide MWBuzz as soon as to terms and conditions of the loan have been firmed.
Politics, politics, politics. Cautious not to be accused of early "electioneering", the two major contending political parties (LIBERAL PARTY, LAKAS-PDP/PMP-UNA) and the independent candidates are preparing for a long campaign haul these coming months of February-March, 2013. However, one political observer said: "Bakit ganoon? Except for candidate Arlen Julia “Manoy” Olores, who is running for mayor, it seems though na “pre-no promote" nila si Mayor Dong Padilla as their candidate for mayor when in fact hindi naman sila magkakapartido?. (Mayor Padilla's party is Lakas-PDP/PMP-UNA).Politika at politika na ngani … MAUGMAHON BAGA!!!!

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