Sunday, 11 November 2012

Fresh concrete pour … Mambulao Mayor Dong Padilla makes a sneak look of the newly-poured concrete on a road segment at Baranggay Calero recently. Very soon, this stretch will touch the portion snaking through Baranggay Sta Milagrosa on its way to Larap. In April, the mayor reliably told MWBuzz that just before the May 2013 local elections, the cement road shall have reached the Larap-Sparline concrete bridge. Which means to say that if he doesn’t get re-elected, the road project will dead-stop right there, unless the one who succeeds him gets the hang of pushing the project till it finally reaches Larap. Really, it’s up to the Larap folks to decide whether or not they need a concrete road to connect them to the rest of the municipality. – Photo courtesy of JP-LGU / text by AP HERNANDEZ

Classroom boost … The students at the Jose Panganiban National High School extension at Baranggay Osmena are a happy lot: they recently received a new classroom building from the Jose Panganiban Local Government Unit. The classroom project is part of the LGU’s program to accommodate more learners from Osmena and neighboring baranggay of Bagong-bayan. With the establishment of the extension high school a few years ago, hundreds of students from this area have been spared the problem of daily tricycle fares so they could attend classes at the school’s Parang campus, which is about four kilometers away. These days, they just walk to school from home, and back, since the local campus is just a stone's throw away. – Photo courtesy of JP-LGU/text by AP HERNANDEZ

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  1. Good job Mr Mayor!As a former resident of Larap, I look forward to see that stretch cemented.

    Tony Tatom