Monday, 12 November 2012

Vandals attack seaside boardwalk

The Boardwalk … made unsightly by graffiti. – Photo courtesy of JASPER RIÑON LEONA

THE NEWLY-renovated Boardwalk at the seaside near the Jose Panganiban town hall has been attacked by graffiti vandals.

Its posts and railings have been spoiled with unsightly pen markings as shown by a picture posted recently on Facebook by Mambulao resident Jasper Riñon Leona.

Overseas Mambulaoans who saw the picture were outraged and said that the police should post a policeman around the Boardwalk area to discourage would-be vandals.

The public leisure facility, which is actually a stone’s throw away from the police station and the JP-Japan Friendship Park, is a popular hangout of local youths especially in the afternoon towards evening.

It’s also one of the town’s seaside tourist attractions.

Artem Andaya, a former Sanguniang Bayan member who reacted to the Facebook picture, posted a message saying that when he was still in office, he authored an ordinance against vandalism especially on government properties, which also penalizes violators.

“The local authorities could use this ordinance to go after would-be vandals or to discourage them from actually committing the crime,” Andaya said.

He said the ordinance should be used “because there’s no point enacting local ordinances if they would not be put to use”.

The Boardwalk’s renovation took some time to complete and was finally opened to the public recently.

The Boardwalk at dusk ... what a big waste if vandals would continue to damage it.

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