Thursday, 17 January 2013


Tatango-tango, kakampay-kampay … sa aking hirang … Just like a lullaby of yesteryears, our town politicians would soon be very visible to win people's hearts and their attention alongside their votes in the coming May election. Latest reports from our source said except for "Hi … kumusta po kayo”  at “ayos po ba kayo diyan ‘Tay, 'Nay, Kuya, Ate, Nana, Tatang”, etc .. etc, there were no other messages with strong recall and that the common interpretation is that the election fever in JP is fast heating up. The Mayor Ricarte "Dong” Padilla-Vice-Mayor Ariel Non "tambalan" and their Sanggunian-bayan slate could only upstage the opposition through body-language - re-introduction to residents - and nothing more for now until the start of the official campaign season which is not very far from now. As of this date, MWBuzz was told that no one among the known opposition candidates were ready to go into the act yet.

JP Police Chief-Inspector: Operation Bakal Last January 7, Police Chief-Inspector Samuel Belmonte of Jose Panganiban joined the municipal council regular session not only to interact but brief the town officials on the "on-going course of actions" against lawlessness in the municipality. "Operation Bakal" is now fully enforced: The laws on curfew covering minors, suspected and suspicious individuals/groups and other anti-society elements would be applied. Mop-up operations by local police and their intense patrolling these days were triggered by the recent dawn shooting incident at Vice-Mayor Non's former residence at Purok #5, baranggay Parang a week ago. Two unidentified culprits fired several shots at the roof of the said house occupied by his parents-in-law. During the shooting incident, the house occupants were asleep. The vice-mayor’s parents were not harmed. The vice-mayor and his family are living in another house in town. The police chief deployed a four-man patrol team using the station vehicle during critical early morning hours. He said that all police personnel will be "on standby" to respond to any criminal activities. Anybody carrying firearms, ammunitions and explosive devices of any sort would be ask to produce proper documents such as permit, license and registration. Bladed weapons and other sharp instruments will also be included among the many items police would be looking for. Sanggunian-bayan member Carlos Taboada -- chairman peace, order and security -- said that "baranggay-tanod brigade" should be 100% in partnership with our local police so that "vigilance against criminality" would be working in full force”. “Mapapabuti natin ang katahimikan sa mga baranggay, mapa-gabi man o araw kung tayong lahat ay makikiisa sa pagmamasid, pagbibigay babala sa ating mga kapit-bahay at madaling pakikipag-ugnayan sa mga police authorities kapag dumating ang ganitong pagkakataon … noong araw, ang tawag natin dito ay RONDA (we can preserve peace/ tranquillity within our respective baranggays, be it night or day time if only all of us would be committed to be on guard and on the ready ready to notify our neighbors and coordinate with police authorities when the emergency occurs … it is called “RONDA” during the old days.) To have a better chance of stopping any criminal activities, three major checkpoints have been set up at baranggays Santa Rosa Norte, Motherlode at Larap road junction and in front of Jose Panganiban Elementary School. Police officers will now stop motorcycle riders at random within the town proper and request them to take off their safety helmet as part of proper identification. Police officers on duty have been instructed “to enforce the law politely”.

Vice-Mayor Ariel Non: “Not the greatest performance in my life”: During the regular session of the municipal council a week ago ,Vice-Mayor Ariel Non, who is the presiding officer of Sangguniang-bayan, said he was so surprised to hear from grapevines that he had “orchestrated" the shooting at his old home at purok #5, Baranggay Parang “to gain political mileage”. It's all “PALABAS at GIMMICK lang” as believed by some of his political detractors. Sources told MWBuzz that there were neighbors who heard the shots. Non was quoted as saying: “Bakit kailangan pa akong magsabi nang hindi totoo … I am for the welfare and safety ng mga taga-Jose Panganiban bilang nanunungkulang opisyal ng bayan" (why would I lie about it … as elected official of Jose Panganiban, I am for the welfare and safety of the residents). Non, who is seeking re-election, is facing ex-mayor/vice-mayor William A Lim, who is running under the banner of the Liberal Party – the political party of President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III -- this coming May local elections.


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