Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Padilla to finish Larap road by November

Mayor Ricarte Padilla discusses with the officers of LaPIMa and JPNHSAA his administration’s development program during a courtesy call-meeting last Friday. – Facebookposting

JPNHSAAI co-vice-presidents Cynthia Ybarola and Thine Book, with Mayor Padilla, pose in front of a board spelling out Mambulao’s tourism-push slogan 'Fun …? There’s more in Mambulao!!! Yan Man ... Mambulao'.

A segment of the Larap road at Malapyungan being concreted last April under the LGU-JP road cementing project. The cemented portion of this road is now nearing the bridge at Sparline in Larap. Baranggay Parang is seen in the background.
- Photo by LGU-JP

CONFIDENT of staying for another three years in office, Jose Panganiban town mayor Ricarte Padilla has assured Larap residents that the cemented road linking their barangay to the town poblacion would be completed by November.
Padilla made this known at a meeting last Friday with the officers of Lapima (Laking PIM Ako) and JP National High School Alumni Association, who made a courtesy call to the town executive during his brief stay in Metro Manila on an official government business.
The mayor said road-building across the municipality was in full swing and that donations of cement for the road project continued.
Sometime last April, Padilla told MWBuzz that the cementing of Larap road would reach the bridge at Sparline by May this year, the local election month.
He told the officers that the cementing of the remaining 3km of rough roads beginning from the Sparline bridge to the center of Larap will be completed towards yearend, most likely November.
Larap, which hosted the former Philippine Iron Mines (PIM) until 1975, has a population of close to 5,500, according to a government population census in 2010.
Although Larap was the major source of revenue for the municipality during the heyday of the iron mine till the mid-70s, the six kilometer of bumpy road linking it to the town proper was never cemented by the local governments those days.
It was only when the administration of Padilla came in July of 2010 that an honest-to-goodness road cementing program that aims to pave in concrete most of the municipality’s 81km of town and baranggay roads was firmed up and finally launched.
Padilla also gave the Lapima officers a sneak preview of development projects that he hoped to accomplish at the end of his second term in 2016 as well as those that he hoped to put in place at the end of 2019 should he get a third term in office.
The Lapima officers who took up various concerns with the mayor regarding mambulao included Lapima board members Samuel Tatom and Guito Belza and JPNHSAA chairman Jun Espana, vice-presidents Cynthia Ybarola and Thine Book and former Larap resident Tony Tatom.
According to Ybarola, the group discussed with Padilla how alumni association and LaPIMa could help their hometown and kababayans.
She said that Padilla shared with them the latest accomplishments of his administration as well as the roadmap to continuous improvement and full development of Mambulao up to 2019.
Padilla is seeking re-election unopposed, thus assuring him of election victory.


  1. According to Mayor Padilla, the 2-lane road concreting project is funded up to Sparline...but he wil finish the remaining stretch to Larap on November 2013.

  2. shame on you Fred. LAPIMA has no budget so with the JP high school alumni association. the budget came from pnoy budget 50M allocated to Jose Panganiban barangays implemented by governor tallado not from your beloved mayor dong padilla. talagang reporter ka nga pariho kau ni percy ostonal partner in false publication for padilla's sake. Im sure Governor tallado is already aware of this.

    1. the was a road project at San Rafael initiated by Tallado... after a few rains it crumbled and the locals were very mad at tallado... what happened? pano nangyari na ang bagong kalsada eh nagkadurog-durog sa patak ng ulan.... ? alam ba ni tallado yung project na yon? may tarpaulin pa siya sa bungad ng kalsada... the road cementeing project is an initiative by the mnicipal government with help from the people through cement donation... dong built a kolometer of road in Mambulao for only 5 million a sharp contrast to the 10 million which tallado and company would bill the people via the tax money... how did this happen? laki talaga ng negosyod sa kalsada...

    2. you are becoming an ally of tallado ... do you symphatize with him... he got a lot of hokos pokos that included mining permits ... kaya siya binanatan ng dilg...

    3. do you believe that tallado would allot 50million to mambulao for road projects? imposible ... ang alam ng taong ipinagawa ni talladong kalsada na may tarpaulin pa siya sa bungad ay ang sa san rafael na nagkadurong durog after a few rains last year... bakid nagkaganoon... he's a shame to the community ... it was all over the facebook mambulao... if you did not know about it... i did not say that lapima and the jp alumni funded the proejct... pls read my story very well... these two association just received progress report from padilla during a meeting in makati sometime ago...