Wednesday, 30 January 2013

MWBuzz, your news tunnel, is on a roll

 Page views for January 2013

Page views for December 2012


THE GOOD news is that more and more Mambuloans and those who happened by the website of MWBuzz are accessing the stories it carries in its two editions every month.

Last December, readers clicked on our stories 7,797 times, the highest so far in terms of page views since this online news site launched in November of 2011. 

This month of January, our readers clicked on our stories more than 10,700 times.

It seems that visiting us and enjoying what we offer in every edition - news, odd stuff, features, insights and pictures - has become one good habit that many of our Kababayans have developed over the past 14 months.

That’s why we at MWBuzz – Percy A Ostonal and me – are doing our best to deliver to you – as a public service to Mambulaoans -- news and news bits that we hope would keep you hooked with us.

Enjoy the glide through the news tunnel – the one and only in Mambulao: MWBuzz.

Become a news courier yourself – spread the good news about us!

Visit MWBuzz as often as you could and read the news that are relevant to you.

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