Thursday, 17 January 2013

LATEST: Bayan Telecom paves way to school WIFI Access

WIFI project contract signing ... Raoul Herras – Bayan sales head corporate;  Jack Hernandez – UNC director for marketing and promotions; Sandee Flores -UNC MIS head; Jonathan Velarde – Bayan territory manager; Edz Lopez and Sheryll Galicia – Bayan sales specialists (seated Jesus J Hernandez – UNC VP for Student and External Affairs.


FROM household   technology to citywide mechanism, the premier school in Bicol, the University of Nueva Caceres, has continued its legacy in giving the Bicolano youth quality education through the institution’s technological advancements in education. 

With the recent agreement from one of the nation’s leading telecommunication companies, the University of Nueva Caceres will be tagged as Bicol’s first institution to use the Tropos Technology and Bayan Telecommunications as the nation’s first developer in giving Bicolanos high-end internet access. 

This would mean faster and reliable internet connection that can make almost a thousand students connected to the world wide web within the given vicinity.

The Bayan Telecommunications has given the school’s administration a chance to experience the so-called Tropos Technology, a software in internet networking that can make a whole city connected to the web using only five main routers within the vicinity. 

The company has promised the school free installation and dry runs before the administration would say yes to the implementation of the UNC Bayan Wifi.

In the previous internet connection, students would look for so-called, “Hot Spots” in order for them to surf the net.   

You cannot even access the net inside the classroom and would effetely look for stronger connection by changing rooms or worse, sit outside the corridors of selected buildings in the school. 

Now with the Bayan Telecommunications, you can access the net not only inside the classrooms but also in your favorite tambayan sites like the Founder’s Monument and the oval’s benches. 

It would now be hassle-free to surf the net while having the luxury of sitting in your most comfortable zones with the technology’s 5km-capacity in spreading internet signals.

Based from experience, the Main Library and the NODAL Center are the sole centers for students without laptops and mobile phones that provide internet access for a short period of time. 

But, with limited time and resources, not everyone has been given the chance to use the net. 

The solution to that problem is the new internet kiosk, an internet booth to be installed within the key areas of the schools that can be used by the students with only a limited time so that more students are given the opportunity to use the facility. 

Instead of the usual pin given to students, a Bayan Wifi Card will be given to students every semester that will provide the student’s account name and personal identification number (PIN) to address security and accessibility concerns.

Before, students find it very annoying when hang ups in the internet connection are being encountered, but with the new internet interface, from the usual DSL bandwidth of 2-4 Mbps, the connection speed has been increased to 10 Mbps. 

Instead of the usual ratio of 400:4000 students connected, 1000:4000 (internet users to population) can access the net all at the same time. 

Not only can it accommodate ¼ of the total student body at one single moment but it also provides quicker and bother-free internet connection for all.

For the changing community, it is very essential that an institution should be able to provide not only the students’ needs but also the teaching and non-teaching staff the utmost technological advancements so that people can embrace the change and be able to achieve the global competencies needed. 

With the proposal studied and approved by the MIS, headed by  Sandee Flores, and with the help of the members of the College of Computer Studies, and also with the support from the administration, headed by Jesus J Hernandez, vice-president for Student and External Affairs, definitely, the university’s aim of providing the best for the UNC community will definitely be upheld by the ideals, opportunities, and mechanisms given to us by the Bayan Telecommunications. – Bicol Mail

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