Wednesday, 30 January 2013

'Pera sa basura’ project in Mambulao


THE municipal government of Jose Panganiban is set to launch this February its “pera sa basura” project as one way to effectively rid the community of household rubbish.

Under the PSB plan, the local government will pay P10 for every sack of plastic materials that the residents would bring to recovery depots installed around the municipality.

The LGU will provide the sack, according to Mayor Ricarte Padilla, which will be funded by a half-million peso allocation.

The accumulated waste materials will be sorted out at a recovery site in Larap, which actually serves these days as the dump for community rubbish.

The LGU has already closed a deal with a recycling contractor who will process the recyclable materials.

Padilla said that a municipal ordinance will direct/require the use of shredded non-recyclable/non biodegradable plastic waste materials in hollow-block making.

Biodegradable trash will be mixed and turned into compost, which is the other form of organic fertilizer that would be given away to local farmers.

Disposal of household rubbish is one of the problems that continue to beset the municipality.

Despite efforts by baranggay units to encourage its residents to handle their household wastes responsibly, much of the refuse continue to find their way in water creeks, roadsides and coastlines, particularly the beach in Parang.

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  1. The use of non biodegradable plastic waste materials in hollow-block making is being done in Marikina city and the bricks are being used in all government construction and beautification projects in Marikina.