Thursday, 24 January 2013

MWBuzz OddStuff: Gary the goat beats grass eating rap

A goat has had his day in court after being busted for having a garden snack in central Sydney.

Bleating not guilty ... Gary with John, the father of goat owner 'Jimbo Bazoobi'. – Photo courtesy of STEPHANIE GARDINER

SYDNEY: A goat accused of eating flowers in central Sydney has had his day in court and beaten the rap.

James Dezarnaulds, aka Jimbo Bazoobi, was issued with a A$440 fine last August after police caught his goat Gary chomping on flowers outside Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art.

But the case was dismissed in Sydney's Downing Centre Local Court yesterday.

Magistrate Carolyn Barkell said the accused goat had been eating the flowers when police arrived.

"I accept that he did eat garden plants," she said.

However, she said there was no evidence Bazoobi brought Gary there with the intention of vandalizing vegetation.

"He may have preferred to have an ice cream," she said.

Lawyer for the goat, Paul McGirr, told the court that police had issued the wrong infringement notice, because it related to a person and not a goat.

He also said it couldn't be proved that Bazoobi put Gary up to the act.

"We can't guess what Gary might have been whispered in his goat ear," he said.

Bazoobi, a comedian, tours Australia with Gary.

He told reporters he bought his sidekick for a case of beer last year.

The magistrate dismissed Bazoobi's application for the crown to pay his legal costs but cancelled his fine.

The goat, who was met by a throng of reporters outside court, was not required to give evidence and made no comment on the verdict. – AAP

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