Wednesday, 30 January 2013


PHP 1 Million Special Allotment Release Order (SARO) for JP now available. From a highly reliable source, MWBUZZ received a report saying that funding requirements for the YEAR 2013 first quarter of Special Allotment Release Order (SARO) and Notice of Cash Allocation (NCA) for the town of Jose Panganiban has been released by Department of Finance (DOF) thru the Department of Budget and Management (DBM). On behalf of Mayor Ricarte 'Dong’ Padilla, Vice-Mayor Ariel Non during the regular session of the Sanggunian-bayan last week confirmed receipt of the money. Amounting to PHP1 million, urgent social services and on-going infrastracture projects will be on its way back again after its cut-off schedules in 2012. Jokingly, Vice-Mayor Non said: “Seguro mas malaki pa rito ang matatanggap natin kung wala tayong mga panukalang hindi tugon sa pagkakaisa". Non was addressing the eight council members that include SB Guzman and Ultra who are not administration Sanggunian-bayan members.(Jokingly, Vice-Mayor Non said: Perhaps, said amount could have been larger if only we are all together working for this resolution). One administration SB suggested that instead of SB Guzman and Ultra going the other way around as opposition candidates under the Liberal Party, they might as well  swear-in as new members of PDP-LABAN/PMP/UNA and if they decide so right at that very moment, they can both raise their hands as sign or nod of new political party affiliation. Making fun of themselves, both raised their hands!!!   
JPNHS  Batch ‘72 ‘Bag-of-cement-for a cause’ donation. Some three weeks ago, JPNHS Batch '72 spearheaded by US-based (Los Angeles, California) Ms lourdes 'Dondin' Relos and fellow batchmate-counterpart in JP, Ms. Ida M Schneider coordinated the delivery of 200 bags of cement as their group's donation to "bag-of-cement for a cause" community project of Mayor Ricarte 'Dong' Padilla and his administration. Ms Relos informed me during our telephone conversation that one of their batchmates from Vista, California, donated the first 100 bags and the rest came from the US, Middle East and the Philippines.
Jose Panganiban to Larap road cementing updates. Our local reporter said that job is almost closing in to Spurline,  or about less than a kilometer away before reaching baranggay Larap welcome arch on the bridge. (Mambulao official Website of Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte).Transparency and accountability are the two most critical issues that any politician must uphold while in office. While others say "there's a right way, and a wrong way, to do things in politics - well meaning, most comprehensive report of "where people's tax goes and how it is being spent" like the ones found on Mambulao. website makes the administration of Mayor Ricarte 'Dong' Padilla a model. See for yourself - visit the Website and be the judge!!!

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