Sunday, 27 January 2013

LATEST: Angel takes to lake like a dog to water

Jet-skiing Angel takes off on water 
Daring doggie … Angel the jet skiing dog takes a ride around Lake Rotomanu with John and Jack Lawson. Fairfax NZpic

SHE MAY be named Angel but this dog is a real daredevil.
The adventurous pooch has been turning heads at Lake Rotomanu after spending the last two weeks jet-skiing with her family.
The small staffordshire bull terrier cross can be seen zooming around the lake, perched on the front of a 1200cc jet ski.
Owner John Lawson said four-year-old Angel had become an attraction at the lake and people were stopping to watch her on the water.
"They have been coming up and taking photos. She's getting a lot of attention," he said.
Mr Lawson, 46, decided to take Angel out for a spin after she kept trying to get on the jet ski.
"Whenever it was sitting on the side of the lake she would jump up on the seat and sit there looking at me, like she was waiting for her turn.
"When I went out on the lake she would whine, so I thought I would give her a go on it."
Mr Lawson, who is a trained diver, said Angel took to the jet ski like a duck to water.
"I was a bit surprised, but she just loves it. If I go out by myself she gets quite huffy with me," he said.
Angel, who knows how to swim, even had a lifejacket altered for her.
"You are not meant to be on the lake without a lifejacket, so I thought I would stick to the rules. We got one for a child and I took it to a sewing shop and they altered it for her," he said.
Jack Lawson, 12, said it would be cool if Angel, who is his dog, was in movies.
"She would be a great stunt dog. She loves the water. She even tries to get on other people's jet skis too," he said.
The Highlands Intermediate student believed although Angel had an adventurous streak she liked being on the jet ski because it meant she got to spend more time with her family.
"Angel does everything with us. She sleeps on my bed and always wants to hang out with us, so it didn't surprise me that she wanted to be on the jet ski with us too."  -   Fairfax NZ News

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