Thursday, 24 January 2013

MWBuzzOddStuff: Shetland ponies - wearing jumpers!

Filva and Vitamin are here to melt your hearts - and get you to visit Scotland. – VisitScotlandpic

ONE Shetland pony. That's Cute. Two Shetland ponies. Cuter still. Two Shetland ponies ... wearing woolly jumpers. That's the kind of cute that can break the internet.
Yes, Visit Scotland knows exactly to how to make the world say "awwww".
Fivla and Vitamin are the tourism body's official ambassadors for its Year of Natural Scotland campaign and will undoubtedly result in a huge influx of visitors.
And it's a good bet most will be heading for Thordale Shetland Stud Centre, where the two pony pin-ups are looked after.
The pair, who are wearing snug, custom-made "onesies" knitted from local Shetland wool in the pics, were chosen to show Scotland's softer, cuddlier side.
A spokeswoman from Visit Scotland: "With Shetland wool and knitwear being so in demand, it seemed like a fun way to celebrate Shetland's natural landscapes, products and heritage."
To see more pictures of Fivla and Vitamin click here. Warning: These pics will melt your heart.  -- Fairfax NZ News

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