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MAMBULAOWATCH: Early campaign on Facebook/WaLim & Co will push back progress in Mambulao


MAMBULAOANS overseas and elsewhere who are themselves happy netizens should feel luckier – they can now participate actively in the discussion of issues affecting Mambulao.

The availability of social interaction sites for this purpose is boosting their active participation without having to be in Mambulao in flesh and blood.

The fast approaching local elections in May is one event that should inspire to hone their talents in dispensing with comments, criticisms, suggestions or insights, however brilliant, run-of-the-mill, ordinary or inane they appear.

The World Wide Web is one place specially designed to accommodate all this. Everyone is welcome to say his piece.

Everyone could be an instant armchair political commentator, adviser or source of ideas thought to add more zest in the discussion.

Taking advantage of this, one Sangguniang Bayan aspirant, a new face in the political arena of Jose Panganiban, he being newly-churned out from the college mill, has begun his onslaught on Facebook targeting Mambuloan groups who have family members in Mambulao voting this coming election.

Sometime last week, Tres Panganiban posted a series of old pictures taken from events related to the recent town fiesta of Mambulao.

To hundreds of Mambulaoans who belong to these Facebook groupings, it was just a normal act of sharing pictures that would surely interest viewers, especially if he’s from the place, which, anyway, is common on this cyberspace.

But to a few who are closely watching the town’s unfolding political scenario, it was one clever way of promoting his name and creating a name recall come election time in May, short of violating the rules on election campaign as set by the Commission on Elections (Comelec).

This fellow is running for a seat in the Sangguniang Bayan of Jose Panganiban, firmly believing that he could bust the many ills that continue to plague our community.

With a built-in advantage in having a name that sounds like the name of our hometown, he slyly used the slimmest excuse that he’s promoting Jose Panganiban as a tourism destination where there’s a lot of fun to have.

We can credit him for that as we, being natives of Mambulao who would like to see good things happen to our beloved community, would also do the same, given the chance.

But it became suspicious when some time ago, he went around rural barangays kissing the hands of the elderly and shaking hands with men for some usual chats.

A traditional custom which is still alive in the rural areas, his act tried to project him an image of “mabait na mama”.

Remove this veil and he is instantly exposed as trying to pile up political scores while conducting an early electioneering, just under the radar of the Comelec guidelines, safe enough for him to skirt around a gross violation.

Species like him makes the political aquarium more interesting to watch.


WaLim & Co will push back progress in Mambulao

BOTH THE contending political parties in Mambulao are still firmly pulling back the reins of their campaign, although Walim (Willam A Lim) recently came out of the woods to see how his political allies are doing with their preparations for the March campaign.

Walim has lessened the stress of local politics on his person by avoiding a head-on collision with Meyor Dong when he opted to run for the vice-mayoral office against re-election candidate Ariel (Aye) Non.

It would not be the in best interest of Mambulaoans for Meyor Dong to have a vice-mayor who is a “non-kapamilya” in his administration like Walim, especially now that Mambulao is on a roll, what with those development projects never seen in the community for the past 60 years – all taking place right now under Meyor Dong’s leadership.

“Mahirap nang magkaroon pa ng ibang asawa si Meyor Dong,” says an old-timer in Mambulao.

As the English-speaking people would say: Walim would be a pain ...

This goes without saying that overseas Mambulaoans who are hoping to see progress to continue rolling across Mambulao could make sense by telling their families back home to simply ignore Walim and company in the May elections.

Walim, or any of his Sanguniang bets winning in this election could easily push back the march of development in Mambulao by at least 30 years.

All they would do is disagree with Meyor Dong, and that’s it.

It would be a Walim-and-company win and a big loss to all Mambulaoans, who are now primed for real progress.

I may be biased but my bias leans towards an unimpaired development which Mambulao is now enjoying.

Walim and his boys are nothing but bumps along a smooth highway to progress.

Mambulao had ran through these bumps many years ago and conked out along the way.

It was only in 2010 that all were swept out of the road, allowing a smooth ride for Meyor Dong’s development caravan.

Correct me if I am wrong.

I invite Walim and his boys to send in through the email addresses below their platforms for overseas Mambulaons to read and evaluate.

As for me, I have made up my mind and I will defend my mind in this space.

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