Wednesday, 23 January 2013

MWBuzzOddStuff: UK mom loses fight with chair

Lucky for us Serena Curtis's epic struggle was recorded by her friend.

WHEN YOU lose a fight with furniture and need a team of firefighters to help you regain your dignity, you have two options. 

One: quickly forget about the incident and hope no one hears about it. 

Two: share your story with one of the world's biggest selling tabloids. 

British mum Serena Curtis went with the latter. 

Ms Curtis, from Oxford, told The Sun that she had been drinking with a friend when she decided it would be fun to sit on her son's highchair. 

She got stuck, and fought for an hour to free herself before she gave in and called the fire service.  

"I was so embarrassed. I just had a dressing gown on, but luckily part of the chair was hiding my face," she said. 

Luckily, her friend captured the whole epic struggle on video. 

You can watch it here.-- Fairfax NZ News

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